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35 000 Litre Bladder

Our rental rate is R 350.00 per 35 000 lt bladder per day which includes water pump, pipe and fittings. The foot print of the bladder is 6 m by 6 m, we also have 4 m by 6 m bladders.

35000 Litre Bladder

300 000 Litre Bladder

Our rental rate is R 1,750.00 per day per bladder. Delivery and collection which includes refilling and emptying costs a once off fee of R 5,000.00 on top of the rental rate. The foot print of the bladder is 15 m by 15 m. We only offer full delivery services on this product.

300000 Litre Bladder

10 000 Litre Bladder

R 200.00 per day (footprint 3m x 3m)

15 000 Litre Bladder

R 250.00 per day (footprint 4m x 4m)

20 000 Litre Bladder

R 275.00 per day (footprint 5m x 4m)

30 000 Litre Bladder

R 300.00 per day (footprint 6m x 5m)

50 000 Litre Bladder

R 500.00 per day (footprint 7m x 7m)

75 000 Litre Bladder

R 700.00 per day (footprint 9m x 9m)

Delivery Options

Delivery on all bladders except the 300000 liter bladder

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

You collect and return the equipment to our premises in centurion. Cost R350.00 per 35 000 litre bladder per day, includes pump, pipe and fittings.

Full Delivery & Collection

We deliver and empty your pool and on collection refill your pool. Cost once off R 1500.00.

Drop & Collect

We deliver the equipment and set it up for you, once done we collect. Cost an additional R 750.00 once off, includes pump, pipe and fittings.

Deposit Payable

A refundable security deposit of R 1,500.00 is taken in addition to rental fees on the DIY and drop off options.


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128 Turkoois Street, Lyttelton, Centurion, South Africa


Office: +2787 688 1103
Gene Crick: +2781 380 9687

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Rent-A-Bladder, the leader in temporary water storage solutions, is situated in Centurion. We service the greater Gauteng area, and are reaching out by setting up partnerships throughout the country.

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